The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management PMGT 6460 Audience Research: Assignment 5.1–The Analysis Exercise (Congressional Election) (Minnesota) By: Alexander Gomez

Assignment 5.1 The Analysis Exercise

Assignment 5.1 The Analysis Exercise

From: Alexander Gomez

To: Professor BJ Martino, et al.

Date: April 23, 2017

RE: Assignment 5.1 Campaign Analysis Report
Executive Summary

Congressman Mark Kennedy is poised to gain a significant advantage over his opponent Janet Robert due to his incumbency in office, name recognition and his relatively high approval ratings.  However, his campaign could face significant hindrances with regard to how Minnesota views it’s most urgent issues.  Cumulatively and with greater frequency, the people of Minnesota are losing faith in the ability to keep the state on the right track as his disapproval rating slowly rises.

The majority of voters, through his high frequency within polling statistics in Minnesota, truly believe that Kennedy deserves another opportunity to continue running the state.  His persistent advantage could be thwarted if Janet Robert were to take advantage opportunistic short-comings that reflect on the constituency more indecisive segment of the population.

Many voters in Minnesota greatly favor an expansion of Educational opportunities, the North Star Corridor Highway system expansion, and are also in favor of more public transportation which in turn would create more jobs while strengthening the state economy.  Ultimately, schools, transportation, the economy, and jobs are all paramount issues that reflect the voting behaviors of the people of Minnesota.  To succeed, Mark Kennedy should establish a platform that promotes all of these issues in order to incentivize voter turnout, name recognition, positive approval ratings, and re-election.

Recommendations:  Mark Kennedy

The existing political environment reflects the attitudes of voters who are currently seeking better economic and a secure future for retirement.  Janet Roberts is known as a multi-million heiress, which can be depicted as out of touch with average voters during TV political advertisements and political debates.  Steady utilizing this weakness could greatly facilitate better approval numbers which will relate to higher name recognition on Election Day.  Furthermore, according to the Rotational Question 27, older American’s are significantly worried due to push polling tactics which depict Kennedy as “raiding” the social security trust fund in order to line the pockets of the wealthy through tax cuts.   This situation must be immediately addressed to thwart Robert’s ability to manipulate this issue against Kennedy.  The overall consensus shows that Congressman Mark Kennedy has been at the vanguard of transportation efforts and has supported funding that would expand the highway system while creating more jobs.  This in particular should be elaborated upon on the campaign trail through speeches, social media, mass emails, and mass mailings.

Kennedy should make it a point to target the 30-50 year old demographic with emphasis on the state economy, transportation, and education.  The best option for Kennedy would be tie all 3 into a platform that corroborates with better educational opportunities through state funding while diminishing the consequences imposed by voters who are worried about more taxes.  It would be more beneficial for Kennedy to emphasis his accomplishments rather than begin push polls or political mudslinging that could tarnish his established popularity among voters with specific messaging allocated for these 3 major issues.

Recommendations:  Janet Robert

In order for Robert’s to compete with Kennedy’s popularity and ability to garner greatly important name recognition, she would need to focus her campaign platform on exacerbating the cumulative percentage of voters who are opposed to the North Star Corridor expansion and how it could delineate economic viability through increased taxation in order to financially support it.  Kennedy is known to be a proverbial champion of transportation funding.  Decreasing this popularity by tying it to funding efforts and the overall negative affects to state budget ledgers could allow for more voters to lean in favor of Robert’s by associating her with progressive-austerity economic planning without alienating voters who greatly favor transportation expansion like public services.


Robert’s should also focus on indecisive voter’s who are unsure in terms of approving of Kennedy’s performance.  This form of indecisiveness is an actual large and valid percentage which reflects a higher frequency of voters.  This average margin can best be tied to other demographics and data which reflect what these unsure voters may deem politically important to them. Overwhelmingly, education is a major priority among the people of Minnesota a very high percentage of the population in support of more educational access reflecting nearly 53 percent.  This could be greatly facilitate better name recognition if she ties her campaign to Education, Jobs, and the State economy while taking a different approach to transportation so as to allow for a more streamlined, yet different approach to governing Minnesota.


Charts/Bar Graph/Data Analysis

Q1. Direction Things In Minnesota Are Going:

R1 Direction Things in Minnesota Are Going/Conclusions:

Q3. Most Important Issue for Voters in Minnesota

R3. Most Important Issue for Voters in Minnesota/Conclusions

Q6. Support North Star Corridor/What You SRH:

R6. Support North Star Corridor/What You SRH/Conclusion

Q9. Mark Kennedy Name ID

R9. Mark Kennedy Name ID/Conclusion

Q10. Mark Kennedy Job Approval

R10. Mark Kennedy Job Approval/Conclusions

Q11. Does Kennedy Deserve Re-Election

Q14. Congressional Ballot/1st

  1. 14 Congressional Ballot/1st/Conclusions

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