The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management Congressional Targeting/Audience Research: Executive Memorandum

From: Alexander Gomez

To: BJ Martino, Facilitator, et al.

Date: April 21, 2017

RE: Assignment 4.1 Congressional Targeting Exercise Ohio (Schmidt)


Executive Summary


Targeting the segments of the population with low percentage numbers, which do not know about Schmidt, and those who know of Schmidt but will vote for McCain, will paramount in promoting awareness in favor Schmidt.   Regional areas with numbers that reflect the potency of a potential campaign advertising drive should be targeted to begin the process of getting people more familiar with Schmidt.  Although the importance of major cities should not be neglected, the data gathered illustrates that rural areas seem to have the most impact-potential when targeted for exposure to Schmidt.   Many may not be aware of her candidacy; targeting this segment could be beneficial to her campaign.

Target Areas

According to the Terrance data collected in Ohio, geographic regions like Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren would best be targeted in order to supplement Schmidt’s higher polling numbers in urban areas.  Further targeting of non-union areas who generally fall as independents as well as families who currently have their children living at home would also be ideal.

Independents are shown to be less sure about the direction that their state are going and targeting this indecisiveness while further exemplifying Schmidt’s track record will greatly supplement her campaign goals.  The data shows that Republican’s in Ohio have a larger voter turnout rate than democrats so targeting Brown, Clermont, and Hamilton Counties would help in giving Schmidt an edge in terms of voter awareness regarding her campaign.  There should also be further targeting of age ranges 18-34 and 35-44 who are considered “ticket splitter,” where they may have the greater likelihood to change their minds from McCain in favor of Schmidt.

Cities like Columbus and Cincinnati should be targeted with emphasis placed on Moderates who are liable to vote in either direction, republican or democrat just as a precaution and to boost voter numbers.

Methods of Communication

Targeting the mentioned segments of the population above should be tied to specific age group.   The 18-34 year age group will best be targeted through social media political memes, where likes and conversations could be analyzed so that data on their political leaning could be mined.  Twitter posts with links to subsequent relevant social website and online press would also help to further showcase Schmidt’s campaign platform.  The direction of the targeting should be concise and to the point without too much over-information.  Most of the information that is used to target this age group should catch their attention without being to over-explicative of the facts, yet tied to reliable sources,  relevant causes, or corresponding agencies for validation purposes.

When targeting the 35-44 year age group it would be imperative to focus more on mailings, television ads, direct phone calls and emails.   Responses, or lack thereof, should be carefully data-mined to understand the behavioral stimuli of this target group when exposed to the issues that Schmidt’s campaign wishes to address.  Timing would be crucial when targeting this group since the data elaborates that the best targets in this age group also have families that live at home.  A telephone drive between the hours of 4-7pm would best be suited for data-mining purposes.  Mailings can be sent out with postage paid envelopes which not only introduce the candidates but ask for a return of a questionnaire which could elaborate the targets approval or disapproval.





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