The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management–Digital Strategies PMGT 6452:”GOTV” Get Out The Vote Ad Campaign Memorandum By: Alexander Gomez

From:  Alexander Gomez

To: Jenna Brayton | Cameron Brenchley | Chelsea Mears |Suzanne Zurn

Date: December 3, 2016

RE: PMGT 6452—Final Project Assignment 6.1 GOTV Plan

Executive Summary

                The Sanders ad campaign will shift to GOTV efforts aimed at ensuring voter turnout during the midterm congressional elections and eventually the 2020 Presidential election as early as next year 2017.  Fundraising will be a subtle backdrop of the initiative as digital media, specifically in the form of social media, digital wireless telephones, and televised campaigns are utilized to maximize voter registration months prior and voter turnout on Election Day.  Beginning Spring of 2017 and Spring of 2019 voter registration campaigns should be commenced with online registration efforts aimed at assisting voters in finding information on how to register to vote and allowing them the ability to locate their polling station months prior to election day.

At the beginning of October, registration efforts should have already been fulfilled or exhausted and push to get out the vote would include direct televised appeals by the candidate and any sponsors or supporters as well as online digital media sourcing such as Facebook political memes with direct links to websites that promotes Sanders Democrats up for election in the midterms elections.  By the spring of 2019, a shift from Sanders democrats to Senator Bernie Sanders himself as a potential front runner for President in 2020 should commence with ad campaigns on digital media and television.

The utilization of interviews, specifically visualizing Sanders reintroduction to the Presidential political arena should be outlined with images during his 2016 run for president, re-emphasizing Sanders’ consistency, policy platforms, integrity, and political foresight.

Online Advertising October 2017 & October 2019

During this time period online advertising would begin the last week of September or the first week of October reasserting campaign goals associated with potential Sanders Democrats up for reelection or newly proposed candidates for congressional office.  Political memes directly linking them with Sanders through televised interviews, political memes, quotes, or campaigning by Sanders with photographs should be utilized for further promote the vitality of potential candidates closely aligned with Sanders’ policy initiatives.  The basic premise of such a campaign will be to create familiarity with the candidates and Bernie Sanders while establishing Sanders’ integrity, consistency, and experience regarding the issues that most affect everyday Americans.  Education, Immigration Reform, Wall Street Reform, Jobs, getting big money out of congress, and overturning the Citizen’s United Ruling should all be a focus of interest to all candidates aligned or at the very least supportive of Bernie Sanders.   Most importantly during this time, a strong effort should be placed to win over Conservative Republican voters and such ads should be tapered to conservative values regarding inclusion and tolerance without alienating core values that allowed Trump his victory in 2016.

Recent comments in interviews concerning Sanders’ role in a Trump victory given by Campaign Manager Kelly-Anne Conway must be answered by Bernie Democrats and Sanders himself as a backhanded opportunistic ploy to dismay potential Sanders Democrats and a future Presidential run in 2020.  Sanders should reiterate that the revolution that he envisioned was one of civic duty, integrity, morality, and humanism geared at making our society better functioning for everyone.  It will be imperative for all democratic candidates to commit to an ad campaign platform conducive to solidarity in direct contrast to Trumps domestic policy, especially with regard to immigration reform.

Ultimately, by the third to fourth week of October leading up to Election Day 2020 and after securing a democratic nomination for president by Sanders, there should be a separate ad campaign that targets disaffected or apathetic southern voters who may have felt betrayed by Trump’s false promises during his 2016 presidential run while outlining any current weaknesses up to that point with respect to Trumps domestic and international policies.  Quotes that clearly expose Trump’s bigotry in split screen fashion showing Sanders quotes on inclusion and tolerance should be utilized to show the political contrast between the two politicians.  This particular form of advertising could greatly ease the transition of potential voters who may have historically voted Republican by giving them a concise depiction of the differences of values in terms of Trumps inexperience or dishonesty vs. Sanders’ experience and consistency with greater efficacy.

Email List

Mass email’s taken from online contributors, registered voters, and especially potential Republicans who may be swayed to vote for a viable democratic candidate should be rigorously pursued in October 2017 and October 2019.  This email list should also include information or data mined from direct telephone appeals or surveys.  During this time strong efforts should be made to include additional possible prospects to confer with their own contacts in order to assist with offline information drives geared at voter turnout on Election Day.  Aside from emails; Billboards, pamphlets, stickers, and signage could be used to promote GOTV drives directly in neighborhoods with a history of low turnout.  Furthermore, a political ad campaign committee will oversee communications by maximizing contact lists by telephone, mail, and digital media while publicizing Democratic progresses in Congress.




Calendar Timeline


Week of September 24-30

  • Convene Advertising Campaign Committee Conference
    • Establish Email Drive Initiatives
      • Direct Email Mass Mailings—Letter Writing
      • Direct Telephone Appeals & Surverys
      • Begin preliminary analysis of Sanders Democrats List for current democratic candidates for Congress.
      • Establish Templates for Social Media Political Memes as well as specific Social Media contact and Direct Website access to Sanders Democrats.

Week of October 1-7

  • Confirm and send mass emails and begin analysis for Television airtime and assembling public service announcements.
  • Confirm completed website with photography and current news regarding current democratic campaigns for office.
  • Air Television ad criticizing Trumps more controversial policies up to this time while juxtaposing them with Sanders’ consistency on the same issues. Roll back to Sanders democratic primary campaign.

Week of October 8-14

  • Air television interviews involving Sanders support for potential democrats for office that are aligned with the Sanders political agenda.
  • Continue mass emails and fundraising drives.
  • Continue overseeing templates and posting social media political memes to foster support for progressive democrats and/or a potential 2020 Sanders Presidential run.

Weeks of October 15-31

  • Maximize voter turnout through direct appeals, public service announcements, telephone inquiries and “find your polling place” information that will facilitate a strong turnout for November 4.

November 1-4

  • Continue, on a daily basis, with mass emails, “find your polling place” links, current news/political affairs, and attack ads geared to weaken Trumps position or any mandate that allows for justification of his more Orwellian or totalitarian policies.
  • Make specific appeals through digital media, social media, TV, and Radio for gender equality, equal pay, equal rights, LGBT rights, affordable housing, affordable higher education, healthcare, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform.



Week of September 22-28

  • Convene Digital Campaign Advertising Committee
    • Assess current political trends favorable to a Bernie Sanders’ platform
    • Assess Templates for digital media through Social Media platforms via political memes
    • Assess Television ad airtime costs and begin initial mock ups for PSA geared at attacking Trumps Presidential weaknesses or debacles as well as promoting Bernie Sanders as the most viable candidate to unseating Trump in 2020. Mock up of 2016 Primary arguments in favor of a Trump vs. Sanders political race.



Week of September 29-October 5

  • Confirm templates for mass emails and fundraising aspects of the digital ad campaign.
  • Send mass emails to contact list approved by the committee as well as promoting telephone calls in support of spreading the word and getting people to vote for Sanders on November 4.
  • Assess and begin television ads and public service announcements portraying several Sanders interviews with regard to the economy, immigration reform, Wall Street Reform, the War on Terror, Affordable Housing, Affordable Higher Education, Racism, Criminal Justice Reform, Equal Rights, LGBT rights, Affordable Healthcare, and Minority Rights.

October 6-19

  • Continue attack ads geared at diminishing Trumps mandate for reelection and air relevant debate footage favorable to a Bernie Sanders win.
  • Post Social Media Political memes with side by side quotes in direct contradiction to Trumps policies while promoting Sanders’ integrity and voting history on political issues shared by both candidates. Use a ‘cause and effect’ approach to ad campaigning that directly places responsibility where it is due concerning any and all of Trumps failed policies.




October 20-November 4

  • Air continued coverage of post debate results, as well as individual interviews or briefings with constituents who voted for Trump but are dissatisfied with Trumps 4 years in office.
  • Post additional political memes that further elaborates on Sanders’ integrity. (Refer to Digital Mock up websites and reference speeches).
  • Air direct interviews of Trump and Sanders as attack ads against Trump exposing Trumps political inconsistencies, lies, and fraudulent approaches to marketing as conduits for his cronyism and political machinations regarding his administration up to that time. Mirror images of 8 years of Bush as a catalyst for attacking Trumps re-election bid.
  • Air “GOTV” public service announcements and “Find Your Polling Place” on ALL television, ALL Social Media, and ALL emails sent out for campaign fundraising or other purposes to promote voter turnout prior to Election Day with direct appeals from Sanders Democrats and Senator Bernie Sanders.







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