The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management–PMGT 6452 Digital Strategies: 30 Second Scripts for Press Release Spring 2017/Spring 2019 By: Alexander Gomez

From:  Alexander Gomez

To: Jenna Brayton | Cameron Brenchley | Chelsea Mears |Suzanne Zurn

Date: November 27, 2016

RE: PMGT 6452—Two 30 Second Scripts for Press Release: Spring 2017/Spring 2019                


Commerical Ad Script 1




It’s been one very interesting year.  We have inaugurated a controversial new president, the economy is still not completely recovered, educational opportunities are being blocked by corporate lobbyists, healthcare is being threatened, and the deportation of millions which may separate families throughout the US is currently being pursued.


If you are currently apprehensive about the new administration and the effect it will have on your future then this could be the most important 30 seconds you have ever spent getting to know a candidate who has consistently fought for middle class values.


Under Trumps new plan, it seems that “business as usual” will be the norm throughout his time as President.  That means less spending on government services and more tax cuts for the wealthy like President Trump.


The truth is that President Trump has one thing in mind and that is big banks, big money, big business, and big payouts to his political cronies.


But now is the time to remember a candidate that fought hard against all those things.


Who can forget the man who dared to defy Wall Street, the Bank Bailouts of 2008, and who fought for an affordable college education for all the citizens of his home state of Vermont?  Of course that man is Bernie Sanders.


We now call upon you to remember that the fight for equality, justice, and peace is far from over!  Throughout the next four years, Bernie will keep his promise to fight ‘tooth and nail’ against any policies that Trump may propose that benefits oligarchy over the prosperity of the people.  Now is the time to hold Trump’s promises to the fire!  Now is the time for Trump to “Feel the Bern.”


Sign up to get periodic links on what Bernie is doing in Congress to promote affordable housing, healthcare, women’s rights, LGBT rights, Civil Rights, Immigration Reform, Wall Street Reform, Climate Change legislation, and job growth.


Stand with us as we take the revolution we started together last year and bring it back to you and all of our fellow Americans.  Remember, whether you are a conservative or a progressive, this is our country, we are all in this together, and together we will succeed in ensuring that we truly have “A FUTURE THAT WE CAN ALL BELIEVE IN.”




Commercial Ad Script 2


It’s been 3 years since President Trump took office with the promise to “Make America Great Again” by bringing back prosperity to everyday Americans.  Are you better off now than you were when that promise was made?


Think about the issues with me for a moment.  I know you think of them, even if you are living paycheck to paycheck still and your health insurance has been cancelled, there are times where you and I both believe the future can be brighter.


The next 30 seconds may prove to be the most provocative for you so please give us a chance.  If you are better or have continuously been better I applaud you and congratulate you!  But, to those countless millions who are still living under the tutelage of a system that no longer represents the values that have made American a beacon of hope, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I ask you to join us and keep Washington accountable.  This message is for you because you have been lied to!


No, America is not great again!  Not when children continue to live in poverty and 15 percent of our countries population lives their daily lives wondering if they will be able to feed their children or pay their rent.  Or to the family who is currently facing eviction because there is no affordable housing and their wages haven’t gone up in 3 years.


Or to the family who lost their health coverage because they couldn’t afford it and face uncertainty regarding their immediate medical needs.


Now is the time to unite together and to learn together the real truth.  And that truth is that Trump LIED!


Whether you were a conservative or a progressive, a Republican or a Democrat, Trump lied to a collective group in order to pander to the emotional distress of millions of people who faced hardship and continue to face hardship under his presidency.


But there is an answer to his fraudulent rhetoric and his name is Bernie Sanders.  Sign up now to get periodic updates on what Bernie is doing to keep Washington accountable for Trumps inefficiency in making sure that we Americans have our needs met!  Being at the frontlines of policy dives like Affordable Housing, LGBT rights, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Raising the Minimum wage, Healthcare, Immigration Reform, Wall Street Reform, and getting big money out of politics, it is our collective voice that will help get Washington back on track.  Help us make Washington and President Trump “Feel the Bern this season by visiting our website, getting up to the minute information on Bernie’s policy drives, and how you can contribute!


Remember, whether you are a conservative or a progressive, this is our country, we are all in this together, and together we will succeed in ensuring that we truly have “A FUTURE THAT WE CAN ALL BELIEVE IN.”








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